Stay Engaged

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Our biomedical engineering (BME) students’ educational experiences and our departmental research and innovation are uniquely enhanced through the participation of alumni, industry, and community partners. Please consider engaging with our department through one of the avenues listed below. Contact department chair Diane Dalecki ( if you’re interested in exploring opportunities to engage with UR BME!

Student Project Customer

Could your company, laboratory, or clinical practice use a fresh perspective on an engineering problem? Each year, students in our undergraduate Senior Design experience, and Master’s students in our Medical Device Design program, partner with companies, researchers, and clinicians to solve problems through developing medical devices and research instruments. Consider being a customer for a student design project.

Research Collaborator

Collaborate with our world-class faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories to advance research in biomedical engineering. Whether you are in industry, academia, or healthcare, our faculty and students welcome new collaborative opportunities to advance novel research initiatives.

Mentor a Student as a “Real Reader”

BME alumni can mentor current engineering students as they develop resumes and cover letters, practice spoken communication skills, and reflect on their career goals. Volunteering as a “Real Reader” for a required course called Communicating Your Professional Identity is a meaningful way to give back without a large time commitment.

Industry Partner

Consider a partnership between your company and our BME department. Industry partnerships can include joint research initiatives, design projects, student internships, and other mutually benefit opportunities.


Contribute your expertise to our BME courses and educational programs. Your knowledge and perspective can offer new dimensions to our courses, student experiences, projects, and academic programs.

Career Advisor

Interested in sharing your experience with the next generation of biomedical engineers? Help BME students navigate the next steps of their careers through one-on-one conversations or participating in a BME Career Conversations session.


Support our BME students, research, and educational programs by making a donation directly to the BME department.


Come back to Rochester and visit the BME department and our students! Let us know when you will be in Rochester and we will work with you to schedule opportunities for you to interact with students, faculty, and staff.