IEEE EMBS Rochester Chapter Event: "Resonant Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and Applications to Breast and Thyroid Cancer Screening"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
6 p.m.

Rochester BioVenture Center

Sreeram (Ram) Dhurjaty, Ph.D.
Dhurjaty Electronics Consulting LLC
Rochester, NY USA

Resonant Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (REIS) is a new, emerging, method for screening cancers in the Breast as well as Thyroid. This method uses bilateral asymmetry between electrical parameters in organs (Breast and Thyroid) in order to detect the presence or absence of disease. The parameters used in REIS are capacitance and conductance of tissue. This presentation will discuss application of REIS particularly for the screening for breast cancer. The evolving architecture for these systems will be discussed along with parametric resolutions, such as amplitude. Frequency and temperature will be discussed so as to manage false positives and negatives using this technique. Signal processing and pattern recognition methods will also be discussed as well as results from applying these techniques to breast and thyroid screening.

Ram held senior positions in engineering and research, in medical systems, at Eastman Kodak Company, Analogic, and Bose Corporation before embarking on a career of full time consulting. He was educated at IIT Bombay and Yale University and has degrees in Civil Engineering, Fluid mechanics, Electronic Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering, and Control System Theory. Over his career he has designed medical systems such as Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, CT scanners, Fetal Monitoring systems, Digital and Computed Radiography, Telemedicine, Telerehabilitaion and precision analog circuitry for medical systems. 

He has 15 issued patents in areas of medical devices and systems. He is passionate about affordable medical devices and is working on a hand-cranked defibrillator. He works closely with the Engineering World Health organization (EWH) developing medical devices for under-developed countries and is a member of the Board for the EWH organization. Presently, Ram is Director and co-founder of Jeevtronics, India Pvt Ltd which is developing a hand cranked defibrillator to be marketed initially in India. He also consults on, in addition to power supplies for medical systems, efficient power supplies, and converters for small wind turbines. Ram is an experienced pilot and enjoys flying. Give Ram a call to discuss the next steps on your project.

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, 2014 @ 6:00 PM
6 - 7 PM: Networking (pizza and refreshments will be served)
7 - 8 PM: Featured Speaker

Rochester BioVenture Center
77 Ridgeland Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623