Department of Biomedical Engineering Seminar

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Robert B. Goergen Hall, Room 101

Jose Gerardo Tamez-Peña, PhD
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Researcher and Lecturer, Escuela de Medicina,
ITESM, Campus Monterrey Mexico

“Radiomics and Computer Aided Diagnosis: Practical approaches in chronic diseases”

Making a clinical diagnosis from medical images requires an expert medical professional. However in many developing countries the expert medical professionals are not available. Computer aided diagnosis may offer a practical solution to this problem. However, developing robust and reliable Image-based computer aided diagnosis tools is challenging. The number of image features that can be extracted from medical images is staggering while the number of subjects with reliable outcomes is limited. Radiomics (the extraction and analysis of large amounts of image features) tools are used to develop image-based biomarkers aimed to be used as surrogates for the diagnostic truth. This talk presents practical approaches to navigate through the “sea” of image-features towards the development of image-based models for following diseases: grading of osteoarthritis severity from X-ray films, the diagnosis of early Alzheimer from MRI, and the risk assessment of breast cancer recurrence from mammograms.

Dr. Tamez studied at the University of Rochester as a Fulbright Scholar and received his Ph.D. in 1999. He was one of the Founders of VirtualScopics, Inc. and currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer of QMetrics Technology LLC, Rochester NY. He is a Level I National Research Fellow in Mexico.