Seminar Series: Exploring New Visualization Paradigms via Biomedical Imaging and Modeling: Virtual Augmentation for Simulation, Computer-Assisted Diagnosis and Minimally Invasive Therapy

Dr. Cristian Linte, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
8:30 a.m.

River Campus, Robert B. Goergen Hall, Sloan Auditorium (Room 101)

Over the past decades, thanks to the advances in medical image acquisition, visualization and display, surgical tacking and image computing infrastructure, a wide variety of technology has emerged that facilitates diagnosis, procedure planning, intra-operative guidance and treatment monitoring while providing safer and less invasive approaches for therapy delivery. However, while real-time visualization is critical for guidance in absence of direct vision, effective therapy cannot be delivered without the appropriate equipment and instrumentation that enables access to the internal organs through small, less invasive entry routes inside the body. The lecture will showcase research endeavors on multi-modality imaging environments for cardiac interventions proposed new paradigms in terms of image-guidance technology for beating heart procedures, as well as image-guided interventions and navigation in general. Both technologies (image acquisition, surgical tracking, visualization and display) and techniques (image analysis, modeling, evaluation and validation) currently available and also under development for image-guided (cardiac and not only) interventions will be highlighted, along with their engineering limitations and challenges in translation from bench to bedside.