BME students and faculty participate in Xerox Engineering Research Fellows program

July 19, 2016

xeSeveral of our BME undergraduates are gaining more research experience this summer through participating in theXerox Engineering Research Fellows program, administered by the David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in collaboration with the Hajim School and Xerox Corp.

This program gives students an intensive lab-based mentored research experience the summer before their junior or senior year, with many continuing their research into the school year as a faculty-advised independent study course. The selection of Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Xerox Engineering Research Fellows is highly competitive. Selection criteria include research interests, competitive academic performance, and intellectual ability and curiosity. Stipends ($3600), housing, travel (if necessary) and a limited meal plan are provided to student participants during the summer, through the office of the dean.

This year's student participants are Kwasi Nimako, Sue Zhang, Stephanie Kamau, Amanda Smith and Breanna O’Reilly. We’re grateful to the following primary and secondary BME faculty members for volunteering to participate in this program: Danielle Benoit, Mark Buckley, Diane Dalecki, Regine Choe, Catherine K. Kuo, Jong-Hoon Nam, Andrew Berger, Duncan Moore, Sheryl Gracewski, Thomas Howard and Renato Perucchio.