Rochester researchers seek ‘direct hit’ on leukemic stem cells

February 22, 2022

(University of Rochester illustration / Michael Osadciw)

“The overall goal is to be able to selectively target and kill cancer stem cells in the bone marrow. In combination with chemotherapy, this system could provide a means to kill both the mature cancer cells in the blood and the cancer stem cells in the marrow,” says Rudi Fasan, the Andrew S. Kende Professor of Chemistry and a co-corresponding author of a paper in Advanced Therapeutics describing the research.

Along with Fasan, Danielle Benoit, professor of biomedical engineering and director of the University’s Materials Science Program, and Benjamin Frisch, assistant professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and a Wilmot Cancer Institute investigator, are the key partners in this collaborative project launched with support of a University Research Award. The collaboration reflects the enhanced opportunities for research resulting from the close proximity of the University’s Medical Center and its science and engineering facilities at the River Campus.