Customized Vision Correction and Intraocular Imaging

The human eye suffers from the optical defect called wavefront aberration which includes both lower (defocus and astigmatism) and higher order aberrations (irregular astigmatisms). Wavefront technology allows us to precisely understand optical quality of the eye and its impact on vision, and to make it possible to improve retinal image quality substantially (top) using advanced correction methods such as adaptive optics and customized optics. The ability to image structures of the anterior segment of the eye in vivo (bottom) helps researchers understand the mechanism of human accommodation and its changes with age objectively. It also has the potential to diagnose some of the eye diseases such as glaucoma and dry eye syndrome and to assess the efficacy of various treatment options.

vision correction

Researcher: Geunyoung Yoon, Ph.D.
Customized vision correction using advanced optical techniques such as wavefront sensor, customized optics and laser refractive surgery