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Senior Design

Course Objectives

  • Provide experience in the design of devices, instruments or experimental apparatus related to biomedical applications or research 
  • Introduce issues and strategies for considering ethical impact of biomedical research, devices, and treatments on individuals, industries and society 
  • Introduce tools and terminology required to consider economic factors related to biomedical design, including cost, labor, marketing, overhead, and budgets 
  • Introduce strategies and techniques to inspire and accommodate creative problem solving 
  • Provide experience in project planning and management, including teamwork strategies 
  • Provide experience in technical communication (both oral and written) 
  • Provide experience in creating detailed fabrication instructions - mechanical drawings, circuit diagrams, experimental protocols, etc. 
  • Introduce regulatory issues important in biomedical devices, ex: FDA, UL, ISO 9000 
  • Introduce procedures for considering patent applications, including documentation 
  • Introduce issues related to safety and product liability, workplace safety, biohazards 
  • Provide experience integrating mechanical, electrical, optical and chemical engineering techniques with biomedical issues and requirements 
  • Provide experience defining design requirements and distinguishing them from desirable, but not necessary features 
  • Provide experience manufacturing prototype biomedical devices