2017 Publications

  1. Terahertz radiation enhanced emission of fluorescence from elongated plasmas and microplasmas in the counter-propagating geometry
    Fabrizio Buccheri, Kang Liu, and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters (2017). View PDF
  2. Observation of broadband terahertz wave generation from liquid water
    Qi Jin, Yiwen E, Kaia Williams, Jianming Dai, and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Appl. Phys. Lett , p. 071103  (2017). View PDF
  3. Nonlinear optical oscillation dynamics in high-Q lithium niobate microresonators
    Xuan Sun, Hanxiao Liang, Rui Luo, WeiC Jiang, Xi-Cheng Zhang, and Qiang Lin
    Optics Express (2017). View PDF
  4. Impact of the dipole contribution on the terahertz emission of air-based plasma induced by tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses
    A.P. Shkurinov, Anton S. Sinko, Peter M. Solyankin, A.V. Borodin, M.N. Esaulkov, Vladimir V. Annenkov, Igor A. Kotelnikov, Igor V. Timofeev, and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Physical Review E (2017). View PDF
  5. Publication TitleSqueezing the fundamental temperature fluctuations of a high-Q microresonator
    Xuan Sun, Rui Luo, Xi-Cheng Zhang, and Qiang Lin
    Physical Review A (2017). View PDF
  6. Editorial: Celebration of Optics Letters’ 40th Anniversary
    Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Optics Letters , p. 1  (2017). View PDF
  7. Extreme terahertz science
    Xi-Cheng Zhang, A.P. Shkurinov, and Yan Zhang
    Nature Photonics , p. 16  (2017). View PDF