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What is Audio and Music Engineering?

Audio and music engineering is at the intersection of science, engineering, and music. It is a field where technical skill and artistic creativity in the sonic and musical arts are combined.

Once dominated by traditional audio recording engineers in professional recording studios, audio and music engineering now encompasses sonic media engineers in several rapidly emerging areas including:

  • Management of musical content
  • Music information retrieval
  • Music preference engines (such as iTunes and
  • Semantic web

Thousands of Internet companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Google—as well as music hardware and software companies—are developing audio software for content production, searching and retrieval, and distribution and commerce.

Audio and music engineering is an integral part of many industries, which represent more than $360 billion of economic activity worldwide. This includes:

  • $200B in computer and Internet companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google
  • $67B in music production and distribution, including online and live music
  • $68B in music production associated with video games
  • $17B in musical and audio equipment manufacturing
  • $10B in core audio technologies and electronics

To learn more about the Audio and Music Engineering Program here at Rochester, check out the video below: