About our Programs

What is Audio and Music Engineering?

Audio and music engineering lies at the intersection of science, engineering, and sound—where technical knowledge, skills, and creativity in the sonic arts and technology combine.

Studies in audio and music engineering prepare students to work in a wide range of industries including traditional areas such as recording, sound design, and sonic media management; however, sound has become such a critical element in consumer electronics, human-computer interfaces, and in emerging areas such as augmented and virtual reality that many new career paths are available.

Leading technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony as well as hundreds of other audio technology companies such as Bose, Dolby, and Harman are developing audio systems and software for content production and reproduction, searching and retrieval, distribution, and entertainment. Many of our graduates are currently working at all these companies.

What is Audio Arts and Technology?

The program in audio arts and technology (AAT) provides students with the creative and expressive abilities and technical skills to build productive careers in many fields in which sound and audio are central. This includes music recording and media production, sound design for media and games, live event support, broadcasting, acoustic analysis and design of the built and natural environments, consumer product design and development, and areas ranging from healthcare to law.

The program offers a high degree of flexibility to enable students to combine studies in audio arts and technology with music, business and economics, media studies, studio arts, English and film studies, biology, psychology, and many other areas that intersect the field of sound and audio.