Multiple student advising resources are available including the:

  • Primary faculty advisor assigned to each AME/AAT student in their first year
  • Program undergraduate coordinator (Barbara Dick)
  • Program chair (Mark Bocko)
  • Hajim School dean’s office advising staff (Alvin Lomibao)

Students requiring assistance should first consult their primary faculty advisor or the program undergraduate coordinator.

Students should meet with their faculty advisor to:

  • Discuss their program plans
  • Declare majors and minors
  • Drop and add courses
  • Transfer credits from other institutions
  • Register for independent study credits
  • Explore study abroad options
  • Arrange internships and fellowships
  • Petition for cluster exceptions

Major Declaration: Audio Arts and Technology (AAT)

Students wishing to declare a major in audio arts and technology (AAT) must file a completed "AAT Curriculum Planning Form" along with the “Concentration Approval Form”. See the AAT program coordinator to obtain these forms.

For admission to the AAT major, students must complete AME 140, AME 141, AME 191, and AME 193 with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students also must complete the primary writing requirement (WRTG 105), the mathematics requirement (typically MATH 161), and the required programming course (typically ECE 114) before formal admission to the AAT major. The requirements for formal admission to the AAT major typically should be met by the end of the fourth semester of study.

Students may not be admitted to the major if they are on academic probation in the College.

Only the Administrative Committee of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences can grant exceptions to the general degree requirements published in the Official Bulletin of the University. Petition forms for Administrative Committee consideration may be obtained from the AAT program coordinator.

Transfer Credits

The program chair must review and approve all transfer courses.

If a student wishes to take a course at another institution to satisfy an AME or AAT degree requirement, prior approval is required and proper supporting documentation about the course must be submitted to the undergraduate coordinator.

A Course Approval Form, available in the Electrical and Computer Engineering office, is to be used for this purpose. Students are strongly advised to seek the advice of their advisor before registering for a course at another institution. Completed forms will be forwarded to the undergraduate program chair for action.