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William Renninger

William Renninger

  • Assistant Professor of Optics

PhD, Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2012

214 Wilmot
(585) 276-3709


Short Biography

William Renninger joins the University of Rochester from Yale University, where he was an associate research scientist and a postdoctoral associate in the Applied Physics department.  Previously, Will was a postdoctoral associate in the Applied Physics department of Cornell University.

Research Overview

Renninger studies experimental nonlinear optics to explore the many ways in which light and matter interact as well as to identify and develop successful commercialized technologies.  With expertise on ultrafast optical and novel optomechanical phenomena, Renninger will form a research group equipped to explore contemporary problems in nonlinear optics.  Initial areas of focus will include nonlinear pattern formation, arbitrary ultrashort pulse generation, multi-mode nonlinear optics, and traveling-wave optomechanics.  The group will apply their results to technologies ranging from high performance optical sources and silicon photonics to the rapidly evolving area of quantum information technology.