Nanoparticles Therapeutics

Inflammatory skin disorders are typically treated with corticosteroid skin creams, topical immunomodulators, phototherapy and in extreme cases immunosuppressive agents. These drugs generally act on the immune system in a systemic fashion and have diverse effects that maybe harmful. Hence, there is a great need for developing effective transdermal drug delivery systems that target and regulate gene expression of cells in specific layers of skin. Nanoparticle (NP) based therapeutics are gaining wide acceptance as transdermal drug delivery vehicles as studies show that depending upon NP size, composition and skin barrier status they can penetrate the skin barrier and collect in hair follicles. Our lab is working towards the development of novel NP-based systems for treating skin diseases. We synthesize novel nanoscale materials and test their efficacy relative to commercial materials. For this work we use in vitro and in vivo mouse models of T- Cell mediated hypersensitivity (CHS).


Researcher: Lisa A. DeLouise, Ph.D., M.P.D.
Engineering Smart Bandage Bio Nanomaterials for Healing Skin