AIChE Highlights Professor Mueller

March 17, 2022

Astrid M MuellerWomen's History Month 

Today for #WomensHistoryMonth we highlight Prof. Astrid M Müller! Dr. Müller is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. Prior to starting at the University of Rochester in 2018, Prof. Müller earned a PhD in Chemistry from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, with an emphasis on ultrafast reaction dynamics. Her postdoctoral work centered on developing a fundamental understanding of the interactions between lasers and matter. Her independent research program is now focused on the synthesis of #nanomaterials using pulsed laser methods. These techniques offer unprecedented flexibility and control over the size and composition of metal nanostructures. This uniquely positions Prof. Müller’s group to understand how composition, geometric structure, and electronic structure impact the performance of nanomaterials in electrocatalysis and #greenchemistry applications. Some recent highlights from her group include a review of pulsed laser methods for the controlled synthesis of catalytic nanomaterials; a perspective on water oxidation; a mini-review of selective methods for CO2 electroreduction; and an award from the ACS-Petroleum Research Fund to support research into selective electrooxidations using novel nanocatalysts.

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