Notable Alumni

Our department's alumni are successful leaders in industry, academic, and government positions. Their education in chemical engineering at the University of Rochester equipped them with indispensable skills for a competitive global job market and high earning potential. Our graduates work at 3M, Apple, Bristol Myers Squibb, Brookfield Instruments, Chevron, Doosan Fuel Cells, Dow Chemical, Dupont, ExxonMobil, Henkel, Intel, Javlyn Process Systems, Lockheed-Martin, Merck, Mitsui Plastics, Pall Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, SPX Flow, and other companies. We continue to have strong connections with them.


Ed Hajim.

Ed Hajim, BS 1958

Chairman of HighVista Strategies

Hajim has more than 50 years of investment experience, holding senior management positions with the Capital Group, E. F. Hutton, and Lehman Brothers before becoming chairman and CEO of Furman Selz. In 2008, after 20 years on the University’s Board of Trustees, Hajim began an eight-year tenure as board chair. In recognition of his generous gift commitment to the University of Rochester, the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences was named in his honor. He shares: “Education is the solution to almost everything“ (George Eastman). Ed Hajim leaves out the almost. A University of Rochester engineering education teaches you how to work, how to think, and how tackle almost any and all problems.

Genevieve Mcspaden

Genevieve McSpaden, BS 2013, MS 2014

Generalist Consultant at Bain

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester transformed the way that I think through and solve challenging problems. The department’s balanced approach of lecture-based and experiential classes provided me with the ability to immediately put my latest class learnings into practice. As a member of the department advisory board, it’s energizing to see just how much thought goes into strategically selecting classes that are taught throughout the program.

Maghesree Chakraborty.

Maghesree Chakraborty, PhD 2020

RET Design Data Scientist at Intel Corporation

Pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester helped me hone my problem-solving abilities and strengthen my technical skills in physics-based modeling. It also gave me opportunities to collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds. The transferable technical skills and my experience in collaborations have helped me to transition into a role in the technology development team at Intel.

Bianca Dyer.

Bianca Dyer, BS 2020

PhD student in chemical engineering at Princeton University

The University of Rochester prepared me extremely well to pursue a PhD. In particular, the chemical engineering department, Müller research group, varsity volleyball team, and varsity tennis team each helped me develop passion and skills that I will use for the rest of my career.

Joyceline Marealle.

Joyceline Marealle, BS 2020

EDF Climate Corp Fellow and sustainability intern at NRG Energy, Inc., MS student in Energy and Resources 2020-2022 at the University of California, Berkeley

My interest in Energy solidified after my 9-week internship at MIT in summer 2019. I believe my first research experience at the U of R prepared me for the MIT summer research program. Additionally, mentorship is very important as an undergraduate student; I could not have navigated my graduate school career without the help of my mentor and then research supervisor, Professor Müller. I encourage you to find a mentor and try new experiences whether a job or research. YOU only need one acceptance so do not be dismayed after getting so many rejections. Never say no to yourself. Just TAKE A CHANCE AND APPLY to an opportunity and then let the 'big guys' make the decisions.

Soyoun Kim.

Soyoun Kim, PhD 2021

PVD Process Engineer at Intel Corporation

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester helped me to be prepared for my career. There were ample opportunities to collaborate and interact with many different groups, both within and between departments. I received lots of help, support, and advice from the staff and faculty members. Various activities and experiences were available to the students such as technical entrepreneurship classes and competitions, summer class/community service teachings, research exchange programs, and internships.

Will FunkenbuschWilliam Funkenbusch, BS 2019

4th year PhD candidate at MIT

The Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester gave me a balanced education which prepared me for both a career in academia or industry. I was able to explore my personal interests in research and teaching through numerous internship and undergraduate teaching assistant opportunities, which helped me decide my career path. My advice to students interested in chemical engineering is that you can do it! The keys to success are passion, a strong support network, and belief in yourself.