Alumni Awards

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester offers two awards to recognize its outstanding alumni who have had high impact in their profession. Both awards serve to strengthen alumni engagement and provide inspiration for current and future students.

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni who are established in their career and an inspiring role model for both young engineers and students. The award is presented mid-February each year.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award recognizes young alumni within 15 years of their degree from our department, who are establishing a career and are doing so in ways that exemplify what a chemical engineer does. The award is presented during Meliora Weekend each year.

Criteria for Awards

  • Establishment of career leadership
  • Continued interest in our department
  • Service and contributions to benefit society
  • Recognition in their field (patents, promotions, press releases, etc.)


Current core faculty and staff members of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester are invited and encouraged to suggest candidates. Nominations should be emailed to Jennifer Condit.

  • Nominations for the Young Alumni Achievement Award are due on August 31 each year.

  • Nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award are due on December 15 each year.


Must be a graduate from the University of Rochester Department of Chemical Engineering. For the Young Alumni Achievement Award, the degree must have been awarded within the last 15 years.

Past Recipients

Past Young Alumni Achievement Award Recipients


Conor McNamara, Director of Beyond Beer Operations for Anheuser-Busch


Abby Zabrodsky, Global Platform Manager at Rich Products


Chad Hunter, Director at Aspiration


Genevieve McSpaden, Global Marketing Leader at 3M


Andrew Wunder, Director of Operations at Henkel