Outstanding ChemE Student

July 18, 2022

Andrew RojnuckarinAndrew Rojnuckarin ’23, a chemical engineering major, didn't understand how important those factors would be when he enrolled at Rochester. But he does now. Rochester’s smaller size made it easier for Andrew to participate in student leadership roles. He is president of the University’sEngineers Without Borders student chapter, for example.

“I think the biggest advantage for me was the access to research opportunities,” he adds. “I found it really easy to reach out to professors and get research experience starting my sophomore year, which was really great.” Andrew, who is interested in pursuing a career in biotech or pharmaceuticals, is working this summer as anEisenberg Summer Research Fellow in the lab of David Foster, associate professor of chemical engineering.

Andrew is the 2022 recipient of the Department of Chemical Engineering’s Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award and the department’s Albert K. Ackoff Award for academic achievement as a junior.