2019 News Archive

Professor J.H.David Wu Invited to the Indian Society of Microbiology Annual Meeting

November 19, 2019

AMI 2019 Presentation

Professor J. H. David Wu was invited to give the opening session plenary lecture at the 60th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India and International Symposium on Microbial Technologies in Sustainable Development of Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Health, November 15-18, 2019.  Professor Wu's talk was titled: "The Cellulosome: A Molecular Machine for Cellulose Degradation"

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Andrew Wunder Wins 2019 Young Alumni Award

October 9, 2019

Andrew Wunder

Andrew Wunder ’04 (MS ’05) was announced as the first-ever recipient of the Department of Chemical Engineering’s new Young Alumni Achievement Award, which will be given annually to recognize graduates within the last 15 years for their service to society, their professional and technical accomplishments, and their demonstrated leadership. Andrew, currently the director of operations at Henkel in Lyons, NY, has also been a compounding manager at Zotos International, R&D process engineer at Ferro Corporation, and process engineer for Kodak. Andrew has also served on the department’s Advisory Board, providing key insight into the current industry and how the department can improve its undergraduate program. Andrew accepted his award on Friday, October 4th during Meliora Weekend. 

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Technology Development Fund supports a Major Project under AMPL

September 3, 2019

In their pursuit of innovative ideas to enrich the intellectual character of the Center on Advanced Materials for Photonics and Lasers, AMPL, based in Chemical Engineering, Professors Chen and Anthamatten have been awarded a Technology Development Fund at the University in collaboration with Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

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Homage for a humble icon of science

June 26, 2019

Ching Tang.

Every weekend, when he takes his children shopping at a local wholesale store, Mitchell Anthamatten is reminded of the magnitude of what his friend and colleague Ching Tang has accomplished.

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2019 Kyoto Prize Awarded to Ching Tang

June 14, 2019

Ching Tang.

Dr. Tang studied light emission processes in electrically-driven organic materials and invented a new device structure in which two carefully-selected materials were stacked, allowing for high-efficiency light emission at low drive voltages. This pioneering work has led to the practical use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and their widespread application in displays and lighting.

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Jennifer Condit Awarded Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Staff Award

May 19, 2019

Jennifer Condit, the undergraduate program coordinator for the Department of Chemical Engineering, received the 2019 Edmund A. Hajim Outstanding Staff Award.  Jennifer advised 240 undergraduate students amidst a host of other duties essential to the department’s operation, yet manages to "make things happen seamlessly and professionally," says department chair Mitchell Anthamatten. "What impresses me most about Jen is her absolute professionalism," he adds.  Jennifer's Dottie Welch award four years ago is a testament to the respect her students have for her. Congratulation Jen!

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Krajovic Wins 1st Place

May 2, 2019

Chemical engineering junior, Daniel Krajovic.

CHE junior Daniel Krajovic won 1st place in the student Poster competition on March 30, 2019 at the Northeast regional AIChE student conference.

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Student-Designed Bubble Machine a Hit at Children's Hospital

February 11, 2019

Each year, teams of Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences seniors in ABET-accredited majors complete a culminating design project. The projects are often sponsored by outside companies or agencies, including a previous collaboration with Golisano to design an accelerometer to monitor chest wall movement for children on mechanical ventilation. The projects allow the students to apply what they’ve learned in class to “real world” projects with “real world” time and design constraints.

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Professor White Attend ISMI in Tokyo, Japan

February 9, 2019

Andrew White ISMI Talk

Professor Andrew White gave a talk at the International Symposium on Materials Informatics on Data Science and Chemical Engineering in Tokyo, Japan.  His talk was titled: "Computational design of peptide-based materials with maximum entropy molecular simulation and data-driven modeling"

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