Gavett Mix Rooms

There are four mix rooms in Gavett Hall available to students who have taken the required courses. Each room is acoustically isolated and can fit four students who wish to work on projects together.

Mix Room Equipment

Each mix room is equipped with the following:

  • iMac 3.6GHz Intel
  • Tascam US 16X08 USB Interfaces
  • Focal Trio6 Be Monitors

Who has access?

Only students who are enrolled in, or have taken AME 191, AME 193, or AME 227 are allowed access to the Gavett Mix Rooms. Graduate students who have sufficient experience in audio engineering can appeal to Dr. Stephen Roessner for access and training.

Rules and Regulations

See the rules and regulations PDF in Box.

Booking the Gavett Audio Studio

The Gavett Audio Studio is bookable on EMS with supervising faculty approval. If you wish to inquire about access, contact Dr. Stephen Roessner.