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Undergraduate Program

Minor and Cluster Requirements


The AME minor consists of 18-20 credit hours of study in AME and closely related fields.

Basic Requirement

All students declaring a minor in AME must complete the following course:

AME 140: Introduction to Audio and Music Engineering

AME Minor Tracks

Students must then choose one of the following AME minor tracks and corresponding course sequences.

Recording and Sound Design (20 Credits Total)

AME 191: The Art and Technology of Recording
AME 192: Critical Listening for Audio Production
AME 193: Sound Design
One additional track course

Audio Signal Processing (18 Credits Total)

ECE 241: Signals
AME 272: Audio Signal Processing
AME 294: Audio DSP Portfolio (2 credits)
One additional track course

Audio Electronics (18 Credits Total)

ECE 210: Circuits and Microprocessors for Scientists and Engineers
ECE 221: Electronic Devices and Circuits
AME 223: Audio Electronics
AME 295: Audio Electronics Portfolio (2 credits)

Audio Computing and Software Design (20 Credits Total)

ECE 114: Introduction to Computers and Programming (or CSC 171)
AME 262: Audio Software Design
AME 263: Computational Models of Music or AME 264: Audio Software Design II
One additional track course

Musical Acoustics (18 Credits Total)

AME 191: The Art and Technology of Recording
AME 233: Musical Acoustics
AME 292: Acoustics Portfolio (2 credits)
One additional track course

Additional Track Courses

Acceptable MUSC Classes:
MUSC 101: Elements of Music
MUSC 110: Introduction to Music Theory
MUSC 111: Theory I
MUSC 112: Theory II
MUSC 201: Basic Jazz Theory and Improvisation I
MUSC 202: Jazz Theory and Improvisation II
MUSC 211: Theory III
MUSC 212: Theory IV
MUSC 234: Musical Analysis: The Beatles

Students may also use an equivalent course offered at the Eastman School of Music to meet this requirement.

If a student wishes to make course substitutions in any of the above tracks, they should contact the AME program advisor to seek approval prior to taking any alternative classes.

Humanities/Social Science Requirement

BS AME majors must take at least 5 courses in the humanities and social sciences (H&SS), including at least one course in the humanities and at least one course in a social science. This requirement includes one 3-course Cluster. Often, AME students will take a cluster in music, although this is not required. Courses in business may not be used to satisfy this requirement. Students also are encouraged to take some H&SS courses beyond the introductory level. Language courses at the 101 level are accepted only when followed by another, more advanced course in the same language. Students should consult their advisors with any questions.