Students wishing to declare a major in AME must file a completed AME Curriculum Planning Form, along with the Concentration Approval Form. This is usually completed during the fourth semester of study. The minimum requirements for admission to the AME BS program are completion of the following:

  1. AME 140, AME 191, ECE 113, ECE 114,
  2. MTH 161, 162, 164, and 165 or equivalent math sequence
  3. PHY 121, 122.
  4. University primary writing requirement, usually satisfied by taking WRT 105.
  5. Students may not be admitted to the major if they are on Academic Probation in the College.

Under special circumstances, such as transfer from another institution or change of intended major, students may not have completed all the requirements for BS AME program admission by the end of the sophomore year. Such students may qualify for conditional admission by submitting a petition form available from the AME Undergraduate Coordinator. The petition for conditional admission and an up-to-date AME Curriculum Planning form should be submitted to the AME Undergraduate Program Chair. The application must present a realistic plan, approved by the student’s advisor, for completion of all AME program admission requirements within one year. Failure to meet the requirements within one year will result in removal from the major.

Only the Administrative Committee of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences can make exceptions from the general degree requirements published in the Official Bulletin of the University. Petition forms for Administrative Committee consideration may be obtained from the AME Program Coordinator.

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