AME Seminar Series

Designing Interactive Audio and Spatial Computing Experiences

Designing Interactive Audio and Spatial Computing Experiences

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
3:15 p.m.

Computer Studies Building Room 601


Abstract: Technology for audio experiences have been commonly designed for passive listeners, but recent advances have made it easier to design interactive audio experiences that engage more with listeners. In this presentation, I will discuss the complexities of designing interactive spatial audio experiences from an engineering, perceptual, and cognitive point of view. In addition, I will also discuss Magic Leap's spatial computing platform and how it enables one to create spatial audio experiences with these concepts considered.

Short Bio: Justin D. Mathew is currently a Senior Audio Software Engineer at Magic Leap focusing on design and prototyping of new spatial audio computing and interaction technology. He completed his doctorate studies at the University Paris-Saclay in 2017 in collaboration with Inria-Lille and LIMSI-CNRS research centers in France. His work studied the relationship between 3D Audio rendering technology and Human-Computer Interaction to improve 3D audio mixing tools and interfaces. Before then, he graduated from the University of Rochester ('10) and New York University ('13) with a concentration on signal processing, 3D audio and acoustics, and information retrieval.