Kedar Shashidhar ’15 and David Porter ’15 awarded Third Place in the Charles and Janet Forbes Competition

May 11, 2015

This year's winners of the Charles and Janet Forbes Competition, a technical business idea contest for undergrads, are: First place and $4,000 to Lucian Copeland ’15 ECE and Alexander Matthers ’15 BME of NullSpace. Second place and $2,500 to BME seniors Isabella Cazacu, Brittanie Kilchoer, Jennifer Park, and Melinda Vander Horst, and Jacob Bohannon (KEY) of SimuClage. Third place and $500 (three-way tie) to Teamo, including Nick Brown ’15 of Optical Engineering, Anis Kallel ’17 of Computer Science, and Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez ’16 Optical Engineering; CampusFly, including Ervis Vukaj ’16 of Financial Economics, Rikesh Thapa ’15 of Computer Science, Nicholas Falcone ’15 of Financial Economics, and Charlie Kelman ’16 of Computer Science; and Blackout Games, including Kedar Shashidhar ’15 and David Porter ’15, both of Audio and Music Engineering, and Dan Hassin ’16 of Computer Science.