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Kedar Shashidhar ’15 demonstrated a 3D headphone at LSI

September 25, 2017

Kedar Shashidhar ’15 (KEY) is fulfilling his dreams. One of the first graduates of our audio and music engineering program, Kedar attended the Light and Sound Interactive conference at the Rochester Convention Center recently, demonstrating a 3D headphone made by OSSIC, the San Diego company he works for as associate creative director. His job involves creating original content, such as music and VR games, to showcase the capabilities of the headphone; interacting with other content creators; and creating software tools. Kedar says he’s “absolutely” enjoying his work and credits Mark Bocko, chair of electrical and computer engineering, for enabling him to attend a games developer conference where he hooked up with OSSIC. The audio and music engineering degree, he adds, is a “huge plus” in the eyes of employers he’s talked with. “It teaches students not only how to do audio in a creative capacity,” Kedar says, “but prepares you with actual engineering skills, and that is what the audio industry really wants now.”

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Congratulations to Rob Lavaque,recipient of a “Silver Addy” (American Advertising Award)

March 27, 2017

Congratulations to Rob Lavaque, lecturer in audio and music engineering, who is recipient of a “Silver Addy” (American Advertising Award) from the Rochester Advertising Federation for the audio and music he produced for the Medical Center’s memorable “You are my sunshine” television ad that ran during the 2016 Super Bowl. Rob, by the way, is bringing in guest lecturers Brandon Campbell ’10, who composes music for Hans Zimmer Remote Control Productions (noon to 1 p.m., April 5, CSB 209), and Guy Whitmore,  the studio audio director of PopCap Games (noon to 1 p.m., April 19, CSB 209), to talk about their work and field questions. Is it any wonder our audio and music engineering major is so popular, when students can learn from award-winning practitioners like Rob and from his colleagues in the industry?

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