Professor J.H.David Wu was awarded the 2005 Waksman Outstanding Education Award

May 9, 2005

Professor J.H. David Wu

(May, 2005) The Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee of the Society for Industrial Microbiology (SIM) has selected Professor J.H.David Wu to receive the 2005 Waksman Outstanding Education Award. This award recognizes individuals who are full-time professors of higher education with a minimum of 10 years in research that has lead to advances in their ares of applied microbiology or biotechnology while also carrying a teaching load. Congratulation Professor Wu!

Dr. JHDavid Wu is a Professor of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology and Immunology. He has been working on the "Clostridium thermolcellum" cellulosome, a cellulolytic complex, for the last 20 years, starting from his student time at MIT under Professor Arnold Demain. His work has led to the discoveries of the Family 48 of glycosyl hydrolases, the novel 3-D structure of the cellulosomal dockerin, several cellulase transcription factors, and two cellulas operons.