Professor Shaw Chen and his colleagues publish a high impact paper in Advanced Materials

December 16, 2004

Professor Shaw Chen

(December, 2004) A paper on "A heptafluorene lightly doped with monodisperse conjugated oligomers" published by Professor Shaw Chen and his colleagues is among the 2004 top ten most downloaded communication in Advanced Materials. This material was used for the demonstration of polarized OLEDs through the Förster energy transfer. Emission of blue-green, green, and red light was accomplished with a turn-on voltage less than 4 V, a polarization ratio of 25, and a luminance yield of 6.4 cd/A. These performance data are superior to all previous reported results in the absence of energy transfer. An integrated polarization ratio of 16 and a luminance yield of 4.5 cd/A were achieved with the first ever polarized white-light OLED. Moreover, all the devices showed a voltage-independent chromaticity.