Professor Yates Appointed Department Chair

January 1, 2013

Professor YatesCongratulations to Matthew Yates’ promotion to Full Professorship and appointment as the Chemical Engineering Department Chair effective January 1st, 2013.

Since his arrival at the University in fall 2001, his research has attracted nearly $3 million funding from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, the Institutes of Health, and the industrial sector to investigate materials with high interfacial area, serving to create sophisticated systems with novel properties.

In particular, his group has developed techniques to modulate the size, shape, composition, and assembly of small particles for drug delivery, fuel cell membranes, polymer composites, optical materials, and other applications.His independent research has resulted in collaborations with scientists at the Medical Center, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Chemistry Departments, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, General Motors, and Eastman Kodak Company.

In addition, he serves as the Director of a $3.2 million NSF-IGERT program on distributed renewable energy.  To date Matt has published sixty papers in high-impact journals, providing high quality education to five Ph.D. graduates, including an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, and seven M.S. graduates.  Moreover, he has been an exemplary mentor for undergraduate research and an outstanding graduate and undergraduate teacher.

We look forward to his leadership to take the Department to the next level of research and education in the coming years.