Develop Computationally Designed Zwitterionic Peptides

July 19, 2021

Professor Andrew White

Andrew White, associate professor of chemical engineering and an expert in computer-designed molecular simulation who is also affiliated with the Materials Science Program, will be working along side Danielle Benoit, professor of biomedical engineering, director of the Materials Science Program, and an expert in nanoparticle drug delivery systems, will address this problem with grant from the National Science Foundation.  Along with Danielle, and co-PI Andrew will be co-PI Minsoo Kim, professor of microbiology and immunology and of pharmacology and physiology at the Medical Center.

"The goal is to develop computationally designed zwitterionic peptides with semi-randomized sequences (srZIPs) to create a new class of more diverse anti-fouling options that will help nanoparticles better evade the body’s immune system and end up at their intended targets. This will also help minimize allergic reactions and other long-term immunological side effects. Congratulations to Danielle, Andrew, and Minsoo."