Zero Cost Hero

October 28, 2021

Professor Andrew White
Professor Andrew White, Associate Professor

Thursday's Hero: Andrew White  Andrew White, associate professor of chemical engineering, is the first recipient of  the River Campus

 Libraries Open Education Resource (OER) Grant. The grant will enable him to continue working on his open textbook, Deep Learning in Chemistry and Materials Science, which he’s already spent nine months building.

White’s textbook examines “deep learning,” a specialized form of artificial intelligence and it as a applications within the field of chemistry. He explains that, while there are already many resources about deep learning, most of them exist behind a paywall, and there are none that focus specifically on chemistry and materials science. The project is also unique in that it is a living textbook. That means the text can be consistently updated to keep up with the rapid growth of deep learning technology.

White’s OER grant also enables him to add new textbook chapters on symbolic r

Take a look at the textbook in its current iteration and keep up with White by following him on Twitter: @andrewwhite01.egression, semi-supervised learning, and few-shot learning, as well as new graphics and exercises for the existing chapters. Additionally, he will be able to ensure that the textbook is accessible to all learners. But he won’t be doing it alone, as he intends to involve several of his PhD students. So, not only is he creating an OER, he’s engaging his students in open pedagogy, which makes them creators as well as consumers of information.