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The Industrial Associates (IA) Program

Apple: Hardware Development Engineer - Optical Team

Job Summary:

Design, develop, and launch next-generation Sensing Technologies. 
The Sensing Systems team integrates Optical, MEMS, magnetic and capacitive sensors across a variety of Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks. Bring devices to life and enable them interact with users and the environment in ways never imagined before. Join us in crafting solutions the world doesn't know of yet. The Optical sensing team is looking for a someone who has an illumination optics background and is a self-driven go-getter.

Key Qualifications:

Strong optics background (such as lenses, diffusers, thin films)
Proficiency in Python and JMP tools for data collection and analysis
Working knowledge of sensor opto-electronics (photodiode front-ends)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and solid teamwork and leadership 
Familiar with optical lab equipment such as spectrometers, spectrophotometers, monochromators, optical filters, etc
Proficiency in MATLAB and simulation tools such as Zemax, Code V or LightTools modeling tools required
Hands-on experience in system- or module-level design preferred

Job Description:

System- or module-level prototyping, integration, characterization and validation of optical sensors
Analyze data to draw conclusions to enhance product design and manufacturability
Failure mode analysis, root-cause diagnosis, and system-level problem solving
Business travel to support product development
Collaborate with cross-functional teams (including mechanical, firmware, process and test engineering teams) to deliver state-of-the-art sensing solutions 


B.S., M.S. or PhD in Optics, Physics or Electrical Engineering. Industry experience preferred. 

Interviews will be conducted at the Spring 2018 Industrial Associates Meeting.