Summer Interns


Anisha Khosla

Program: Biomedical Engineering
Graduating Class: 2018
Company or Institution: HealthVenture

This past summer, I had the pleasure of working as a Summer Associate at HealthVenture, an up-and-coming digital health incubator based in New Haven, CT. As a member of the founding group of interns, I worked both on internal affairs for the company, as well as on the technical team, where I worked directly with clients to address technical concerns with their products, and was taught the basics of Amazon Web Services. In regards to the internal affairs for the company, I helped to set up and regulate all of the social media feeds for the company, and helped the company plan and execute its first Pitch Day, which featured a UR Senior Design project as one of the participants. It was fascinating to see how my interest in computer science could combine so readily with BME, and what my role could be in such an environment. As the only undergraduate on the team, it was a great opportunity to learn from individuals more experienced than myself, and to understand how my work can create an impact, even at this stage in my career.