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Samantha McGoldrick

Samantha McGoldrick

Program: Biomedical Engineering
Graduating Class: 2017
Company or Institution: Grinstaff Group at Boston University

This past summer, I worked with the Grinstaff Group at Boston University. The Grinstaff Group does research in synthetic chemistry and biomedical engineering with a focus on biomaterials. I was assigned to a project that assessed the ability of custom-made, superhydrophobic, electrospun nanomeshes to selectively remove oils from aqueous mixtures.

These meshes were designed to serve a variety of purposes, from providing an environmentally-friendly way to clean up large oil spills to providing an inexpensive solution for separating emulsions formed in large chemical plants. From this experience, I was able to meet successful biomedical engineers from a variety of backgrounds. They were all fantastic resources for my questions about the lab and my concerns about future career goals. Their experiences and advice helped me to decide to pursue a doctorate in biomedical engineering after graduating from the University of Rochester.