Summer Interns


Jacob Parisi

Program: Biomedical Engineering
Graduating Class: 2017
Company or Institution: Idea Boxx

This past summer, I worked as an engineering intern at Idea Boxx, a local startup company located in Victor. This was my second consecutive summer working for Idea Boxx, and as such I was given much more work and responsibilities. For 40 hours a week, I had the experience of truly being an engineer. Under the guidance of my supervisors, I worked as a “real” engineer would: designing, prototyping, and testing a new product. Working in the world of real adults had other perks, too. My work day, for example, was consistently over by 4:30PM, and I never had to stay up late doing homework, studying, or otherwise thinking about school. Despite the lack of classes over the last three months, I still learned an incredible amount of career-relevant information while at Idea Boxx. Thanks to this summer, I can bolster my resume with industry-important skills which I would otherwise be missing out on. Working at Idea Boxx gave me an amazing taste of what life in the real world consists of, and my experience there has undoubtedly contributed greatly to my undergraduate education.  

Pictured: Jacob Parisi standing next to the latest verison of Hydra Rinse, one of the products he has been working to develop