Summer Interns

Brittany Schutrum

Brittany Schutrum

Program: Biomedical Engineering
Graduating Class: 2017
Company or Institution: Corning, Inc

This summer I participated in the summer intern program with Corning Incorporated at Sullivan Park as a research intern in the Biochemical Technologies department. I worked as part of a fundamental research group in the area of 3D cell culture.

My project was the development of a 3D cell culture technique, a drug toxicity comparison between cells cultured in 3D and 2D, and an analysis of the protein secretion between the culture types. Along with conducting experiments and analyzing data and I gave weekly teleconference presentations to a research group in another location to share my results, experimental findings, challenges, and ideas for the next steps in the project.

This was an excellent opportunity to discover what an industry research setting was like. At the conclusion of the summer, the interns participated in a poster session where we delivered a lengthy presentation to our specific departments. I gained invaluable experiences from my internship having learned research skills and techniques, presentation, communication, and critical thinking skills.

During my time with Corning, I met some incredible people, including both employees and other interns with diverse backgrounds and interests. Corning did a great job with the intern program by hosting events and programs such as 6 sigma training, tours through manufacturing, engineering and development, and events such as career development talks. I was given the incredible opportunity to able to attend an intern luncheon with the CEO who spoke, gave advice, and answered questions. Outside of my lab, I was exposed to many other areas of the company which was truly fascinating. The hands-on application of knowledge was an invaluable experience, as was the involvement in daily job flow outside of the classroom to see what a career in biomedical engineering truly encompasses.