2012 News

International Symposium on Materials for Enabling Nanodevices dedicated to Professor James C. M. Li

September 18, 2012

James C. M. Li, the Albert Arendt Hopeman Professor of Mechanical Engineering since 1971, continues to receive well-earned recognition for his achievements. The Third International Symposium on Materials for Enabling Nanodevices, held August 27 to 29 at UCLA, was dedicated to Li in honor of his lifetime contributions to micro-mechanics and materials science. His work has included research on new catalysts to improve fuel cells, and lead-free solders to avoid "whisker growth," which can cause electrical shorts and disable multi-million-dollar satellites. Li has received such prestigious awards as the Acta Metallurgica Gold Medal, an international award for leadership in materials research from the American Society for Materials (1990), and the Albert Easton White Distinguished Teacher Award from the ASM International Materials Information Society (2007). A special issue of Materials Science and Engineering, dedicated to Li in 2005, cited his “seminal contributions to understanding, predicting and controlling mechanical properties of materials,” but added: “Perhaps the most important legacy of Professor Li has been the outstanding cohort of scholars that he has successfully guided throughout his long career.”  Surely all who have benefited from his enlightened teaching, as well as his groundbreaking research, will join us in congratulating him for this latest in a string of accolades!

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