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Biomedical Engineering

ScanningBiomedical research within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has flourished due to the close interactions with faculty from the School of Medicine & Dentistry located only a short five-minute walk from the engineering buildings.

Faculty members involved in biomedical engineering research also have appointments in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Research includes, not only biomechanics, but also areas such as biomedical ultrasound, cardiac development, and oxygen transport.

General research topics for faculty members working in biomedical engineering are listed below. Click on a faculty name for a link to their web page with more detail about their research.

Associated Faculty

  • Paul Funkenbusch (Hard tissue mechanics, Bone/teeth grinding & drilling)
  • Sheryl Gracewski (Bioeffects of ultrasound, Cavitation)
  • Amy Lerner (Orthopaedic biomechanics, Bone growth)
  • Jong-Hoon Nam (Biophysics of the inner ear, Cell and tissue mechanics)
  • Renato Perucchio (Heart development, Nonlinear finite elements)
  • Jessica Shang (Biomechanics: computational fluid dynamics; cardiovascular flows; flexible bodies in fluid environments)

Model of the cochlea and organ of corti

Figure 1. Cochlea duct and finite element model of the organ of corti

Knee Diagram

Figure 2. Finite element model of the knee meniscus