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DOE Awards Professor Matthew Z. Yates to Foster Breakthroughs in Hydrogen

June 13, 2005

(June, 2005) Matthew Yates, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, has received a three year grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop improved membranes for fuel cells. The grant is part of a recent $64 million Department of Energy initiative to foster fundamental breakthroughs in hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and new fuel cell technologies. The University of Rochester will be one of more than 50 research organizations, including academic institutions, national laboratories, and industry, funded by the DOE programs to advance President Bush's Hydrogen Fuel Intuitive. The research vision is "aimed at making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and refueling stations available, practical and affordable for American consumers by 2020." Professor Yates' research will focus on creation novel composite polymer fuel cell membranes that have the potential for improved performance and lower cost than exiting fuel cell membranes.

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Alumni Comes to UR Recruiting for Lexmark

September 16, 2004

(September, 2004) Chris Bonino, one of our recent graduates, is now employed at Lexmark International and will be at the University of Rochester Thursday, September 23. He will be providing an information session about his company and collecting resumes for current and future employment opportunities. All Engineering students seeking full-time employment and internships are encouraged to attend. Qualified candidates will be asked to schedule an interview with a representative.

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Department Faculty Member Publishes Textbook

February 5, 2004

(February, 2004) Professor Chimowitz who joined the department in 1982 recently published a textbook titled "Introduction to Critical Phenomena in Fluids". This book is now available from Oxford University Press . The book attempts to systematically organize the physics of critical phenomena within the context of chemical and materials engineering using supercritical fluids.

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NSF Workshop

January 1, 2004

A workshop on “Fundamental Research Needs in Photonic Materials Synthesis and Processing at the Interface” sponsored by Chemical and Thermal Systems (CTS) Division of National Science Foundation (NSF) was hosted by Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester co-chaired by Professors Shaw H. Chen & Lewis Rothberg. Further information on this workshop, please visit www.rochester.edu/college/workshop/presentations.html

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