Professor Askari wins NSF Quantum Leap grant

August 28, 2019

Advancements in computational power over the past fifty years have mostly relied on shrinking the size of the transistor, the fundamental constituent element of the integrated circuits that make up computers. As we reach the physical limits of how small transistors can be, further progress depends on exploring new concepts. One of these concepts is quantum computing, in which the quantum state of individual quantum bits (qubits) is manipulated to achieve exponential speedup of computational performance. A critical challenge to quantum computing lies in the stability and manipulation of qubits, which are highly sensitive and easily perturbed by the environment.

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Human powered vehicle offers ‘so many things’ in one project

April 9, 2019

Most of the competitive engineering design teams at the University of Rochester – Baja SAE and Solar Splash, for example – are full-fledged clubs that students can join as early as their first year on campus. The teams work all school year designing and manufacturing a new off-road vehicle or solar-power boat for spring competitions against other universities.

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