PhD Thesis Defense - Archive

Empirical Physical Modeling Methods for Bowed-String and Wind Instruments

Mark Sterling

Prof. Mark Bocko

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
10 a.m.

CSB 426


An empirical approach for the physical modeling synthesis of musical instrument sounds is presented and demonstrated for the Violin, Bassoon, and Clarinet. The physical models incorporate measured acoustic and mechanical impedances in their definition. The control parameter inputs to the physical models correspond to actions performed by human musicians and are therefore highly expressive and, owing to the Internet bandwidth limitations of human actions, compact. Time-histories of the control parameters may be created arbitrarily or inferred from digital audio recordings to match the model output to a given performance or piece of music. Experiments were conducted in a controlled anechoic environment on real instruments. Descriptions of the experimental precludes as well as the physical modeling and sound synthesis algorithms, including computer code examples, are provided.