Minor Requirements

A graphic image of a computer screen.The ECE minor gives students the opportunity to design a flexible program of study to achieve either breadth or depth in electrical and computer engineering. In addition to the following recommended programs of study, a student can arrange an individualized program with the guidance of an ECE advisor, normally requiring the equivalent of five 4-credit hour courses in ECE. Recommended programs of study are listed below in Table 8.

Table 8: A breakdown of the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering program electrical and computer engineering course requirements.
TopicFive-Course Program of Study

Digital Audio and Music

ECE 113, ECE 114, ECE 140, ECE 223, ECE 240

Integrated Circuits

ECE 112, ECE 113, ECE 221, ECE 222, ECE 269

Waves, Fields, and Devices

ECE 113, ECE 221, ECE 222, ECE 223, ECE 230

Signals and Communications

ECE 113, ECE 114, ECE 240, ECE 245, ECE 246


ECE 112, ECE 113, ECE 114, ECE 216, ECE 217

* Students can create an individual program with the approval of the ECE undergraduate committee.

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