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Centers & Labs

Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound: (RCBU) Engineers from several engineering departments and physicians from the Medical Center work together to understand and develop new methods of using ultrasound in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, for example, cancerous tumors of the prostate or breast.

Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE): LLE is a unique setting where scientists study laser fusion and where atoms of hydrogen are heated so fast by a giant laser that they fuse, creating bursts of energy - the same process that powers the sun and other stars. LLE is the largest unclassified laboratory of its kind in the nation.

Center for Visual Science (CVS): The Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester was founded in 1963 by Robert M. Boynton to bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines with the common goal of pursuing excellence in vision research. CVS consists of more than 30 research laboratories that include faculty from across the University.

Audio Information Research (AIR) Lab: At the AIR lab, reserach is conducted in the emerging field of computer audition, i.e., designing computational systems that are able to analyze and understand sounds including music, speech, and environmental sounds. Fundamental issues such as parsing polyphonic auditory scenes (the cocktail party effect), as well as design novel applications such as sound retrieval and music information retrieval are addressed. Sound analysis is combined with the analysis of other signal modalities such as text and video towards multi-modal scene analysis. Various projects include audio source separation, automatic music transcription, audio-score alignment, speech enhancement, speech diarization and emotion recognition, sound retrieval, sound event detection, and audio-visual scene understanding.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL): The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL) is a interdisciplinary research laboratory at the University of Rochester. Located in Gavett Hall, this researchers here investigate algorithms and models for robot intelligence and human-robot interaction in complex, uncertain, and dynamic environments to advance robotic exploration, manufacturing, rehabilitation, and medicine.  The laboratory houses twenty research robots, including mobile robots, unmanned ground vehicles, robotic torsos and manipulators, mobile manipulators, and small humanoid robots.

Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS):The Mission of CEIS is to promotes economic development in New York State by bringing together companies and university researchers who have areas of common interest and encouraging collaboration through funding and outreach.

For a full listing of Research Centers across the University, please go here.