ECE Seminar Lecture Series

Planar nanodiodes for THz detection and emission

Javier Mateos University of Salamanca, Spain

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Noon–1 p.m. Passcode: 066310



In order to exploit the numerous advantages of the THz range of the electromagnetic spectrum, different technologies are presently being developed, both from electronic and optical approaches. This talk will be devoted to a new kind of semiconductor devices based on an extremely simple asymmetric nanodiode structure, usually called Self-Switching diode (SSDs). As a consequence of a non-linear I-V curve, fast speed and small parasitics, SSDs made on high mobility semiconductors such as InGaAs can be used as THz detectors. But we can also exploit its geometry, together with the negative differential mobility of III-V semiconductors, to enhance the efficiency of Gunn oscillations. Our efforts aim at demonstrating, for the first time, the possibility of providing continuous wave Gunn oscillations in GaN diodes.


Prof. Javier Mateos was born in Salamanca, Spain, in 1970. He has been with the Department of Applied Physics, University of Salamanca, Spain, since 1993, where he is now a Full Professor of Electronics. He has authored or co-authored over 120 refereed scientific journal papers and 200 conference contributions and is currently an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions of Electron Devices. He is now working in the framework the ANR-NSF funded French-Singaporean project GaNGUN, aiming at the development of GaN Gunn diodes.