PhD Public Defense

Non-Linear Characteristics and Subjective Listening Studies of Flat-Panel Loudspeakers

Stephen Roessner

Supervised by Mark Bocko and Michael Heilemann

Thursday, December 15, 2022
10 a.m.–11 a.m.

601 Computer Studies Building


The perceptual qualities and distortion characteristics of flat-panel loud-speakers (FPLs) are investigated in this thesis. Recent advances in the field of flat-panel loudspeaker design are evaluated in blind listening tests administered five years apart and after a few generations of prototype development. A detailed discussion on the effects of audible distortions generated by the FPL and its components are explored as well as ways to help control and mitigate the distortions generated. By using methods borrowed from other audio electronic fields such as frequency matching and common distortion testing, FPLs can be objectively measured, and their faults corrected to some degree. After employing those corrective measures to limit distortions, another subjective listening test was administered and found FPLs to be sonically similar to pistonic loudspeakers in a blind study.