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Tre DiPassio - Graduate Research Symposium Winner

March 30, 2023

Graduate symposium winners group photo

Second Annual Graduate Research Symposium Winners - 2023 

Congratulations to Tre DiPassio!

The winners of the Second Annual Research Poster Symposium came from each of your programs.  We appreciate your support of this event!

  • Humanities, Renee Jin, VCS PhD, The Reproductive Future: "Space Babies" in Chinese Propaganda Posters 1962–1989 
  • Social Sciences, Qinzhi Ruby Zeng, BCS PhD, Adapting a Language Transformer Model to Capture Subjective Human Judgements of Narrative Creativity 
  • Natural Sciences, Juan David Villada Morales, Chemistry PhD, Asymmetric Synthesis of cyclopropyl pyruvate pattern toward ring expansion reaction 
  • Engineering and Mathematics, Tre DiPassio, Electrical Engineering PhD, Interacting with Smart Audio Devices using Induced Structural Vibrations