Undergraduate Student News

ECE & AME Seniors Awarded the Donald M. Barnard Prize

May 26, 2023

Please also join the department in congratulating this year’s recipients of Hajim School student awards for outstanding achievement, Charbel El Haddad (ECE) and Sydney Haupt (AME). This recognition is well deserved!









 The Donald M. Barnard Prize is awarded to engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement.

  • Charbel El Haddad, electrical and computer engineering
  • Stelios Halioris, mechanical engineering
  • Sydney Haupt, audio and music engineering
  • Anna Hazelwood, biomedical engineering
  • Lingyun Huang, mechanical engineering
  • Mitchell Kershner, biomedical engineering
  • Phuong Le, biomedical engineering
  • Gabriel Medina, optics
  • Icel Sukovaty, optics
  • Yufei Zhao, computer science