Professor Mark Bocko recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

September 8, 2015

       Mark Bocko, Distinguished Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering and recipient of numerous University awards for teaching excellence, has been an ideal mentor for creative young engineers. His love of music is reflected in the audio and music engineering program that he spearheaded; it is one of our fastest growing majors. He directs our state-funded Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences, which helps match companies with university researchers, and which played a key role in laying the groundwork for our successful AIM Photonics proposal. He Technical Director for the Center for Future Health, where he and his colleagues develop cutting edge devices that help individuals monitor their own health. And Mark is also co-founder and CEO of ADVIS, a high-tech start up that provides integrated sensors for imaging and dynamic signal measurements. Those, indeed, are ample achievements for a lifetime, but I suspect Mark has even more up his sleeve!

~Engineering Memo from the Dean