University Communications Office, highlights some of the exciting research being done by ECE faculty members and their teams

March 20, 2017

A series of articles about data science at our University, prepared by the Communications Office, has been a great platform for highlighting some of the exciting research being done by Hajim School faculty members and their teams.

Lindsey Valich’s story “The mysteries of music — and the key of data,” for example, describes how Mark Bocko, professor and chair of electrical and computer engineering, is using computers to analyze digitally recorded music files, with applications not only in settling copyright disputes, but also in training musicians, studying trends in the development of musical styles, and improving music recommendation systems.

 The story also looks at how Zhiyao Duan, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, together with PhD student Andrea Cogliati, has been working with David Temperley, professor of music theory at the Eastman School, to extract data from songs and use that data to produce automatic music transcriptions—in effect, feeding audio into a computer and allowing the computer to generate the music score.

Another of Lindsey’s stories, “Machine Learning Advances Human-Computer Interaction,” includes the work being done by Thomas Howard, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer science, and PhD student Jacob Arkin with a Baxter Research Robot. They are developing mathematical models so the robot can understand complex natural language instructions.


Hajim Memo 3-20-2017