ECE Students Headed to Men’s Varsity Soccer Final Four

November 26, 2018

How about that men’s varsity soccer team! With a record of 16-2-2, the Yellowjackets are headed into the Final Four for the first time in school history. They’ll play Tufts University this coming Friday, November 30, in Greensboro, NC. It’s worth noting that half the team’s roster are Hajim students. Best wishes to:

Cristian Baltier ’20, Josh Cooley ’20, Will Eisold ’22, and Ryan Aspenleiter ’19 of biomedical engineering; Lucas Loecher ’19, Nik Angyal ’19, Rio Kehe ’22, Jr Eisold ’20, and Mitch Volis ’20 of chemical engineering; Patrick Conway ’19, Patrice Douge ’19, and Caden Dowd ’22 of computer science; and Bruce Ikeda ’19, Aidan Miller, ’20, Milan Fatschel ’19, and Colin Canning ’22 of electrical and computer engineering.

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