ECE PhD student Raiyan Abdul Baten featured by ResearchGate

June 17, 2021

Raiyan Baten

Congratulations to ECE PhD student, Raiyan Abdul Baten, who is now being featured by ResearchGate as an inspiring research story of his work in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (ROC-HCI) at the University of Rochester!

As his advisor, Prof Ehsan Hoque states: “Raiyan has survived the most number of paper rejections than any of my students. The reason was: This work does not belong here. But Raiyan knew that 'uncharted territory' is the best place to be! He eventually prevailed and got his papers accepted to Nature, The Royal Society, among others. His research agenda has important implications on harvesting our online connections to sharpen the most important human skill of the future: creativity! It has been a pleasure to supervise him along with my incredible collaborator, Prof. Gourab Ghoshal, from the Physics department.”