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Tianwei Jiang ’22 and Zilin Zeng ’22 of audio and music engineering receive the Professors’ Choice Award

April 25, 2022

Tianwei Jiang ’22 and Zilin Zeng ’22

As another academic year draws to an end, we have so many student achievements to recognize! For example, 13 research projects involving Hajim students were presented at the Speakers Symposium and poster session at this year’s Undergraduate Research Exposition. In addition, eight of our Grand Challenges Scholars showed their posters. You can see the posters of undergraduate researchers from across AS&E and the Medical Center at the Expo’s digital website.

These Hajim students received Deans’ Awards:

Helena Schreder ’22 of mechanical engineering for her Speakers Symposium presentation on Hydraulic Resistance Model for Interstitial Fluid Flow in the Brain.

Justin Sennyondo ’22, Omar Hamad ‘22, Humfrey Kimanya ’23, and Dung Nguyen ’22 of mechanical engineering for their Speakers Symposium presentation on Structural Assessment of Concrete Vaulted Maya Temples of Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico.

In addition, Tianwei Jiang ’22 and Zilin Zeng ’22 of audio and music engineering received a Professors’ Choice Award for their poster describing Singing Glasses–Digital Adaptation of the Glass Instrument.

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